-----Micky Hades (b. 1926) has been immersed in Magic for decades, since his beginning in the craft as a teenaged performer...As a young man he'd worked sideshows and circuses, moving on to clubs and eventually a full evening show...He is best known in magic circles for his creation of Micky Hades International (MHI) which has encompassed all facets of the magic business since 1960...MHI has specialized in mail order, operated retail shops in the U.S. and Canada, created, developed and manufactured custom props & illusions and published hundreds of books.

-----A caterer to magicians, Micky became one of the largest magic book dealers and publishers in the world...In addition to publishing his Hade-E-Gram (1957-1965) and editing several books, Hades has written a number of his own including Hades Gone Wild, Just a Touch Of Hades, Bang, Out Of My Mind, Magic - The Way I See It, How to Make Flashes Bangs and Puffs of Smoke, and The New Make Up of Magic.

-----Though his retail operations have closed due to health matters, Micky's immersion in magic endures, based in Calgary, Alberta where MHI began almost 40 years ago...He continues to maintain his substantial personal library of magic and mentalism books & manuscripts and has a number of projects on the go, still catering to magicians on a more limited basis.

--------Over the years, Micky has acquired many duplicates of the books in his library and now they are available to you...The titles you'll find here are on the shelf, ready and waiting to be mailed and enjoyed!

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