by Stephen Tucker

This book is a fitting tribute to David Britland's short-lived card magazine called The Talon. Only seven issues were released by Stephen Tucker. The original issues have been bound into one book for your convenience. There are 108 pages of various card experiments and tricks filled with novelty presentations. The book is hard bound in protective vinyl overlay . It contains 61 effects. For example, you will get the titles listed below.


A TELLING PENETRATION - A selected card travels down through the deck and apparently carry on right through the table. ALL CHANGE - This is s sleight based on 'Hugard's One Hand Top Palm' and it's application to a Color Change but the sleight can serve other effects in card magic.
AUTO KNOT - Details on the effect where a rope is cut at one point and this cut is moved to another point - the effect, as performed by Daniels, Henning and others. BEND ! - A simple idea for making a key, coin or similar item bend after striking it with your fingers.
CALCULATED MYSTERIES - This is a treatise on the use of calculators in magic with examples of handling these calculated feats. CHINKA DICE - A Chink-A-Chink routine using four dice instead of the usual coins or bottle caps.
CONCORDE - A Ring-on-Cord effect that is easy to do, with a climax that is suitable for the performer with a flare for dramatics. CROSS OVER ACES - The neatest production of four Aces that is suitable for any cardician who wields a deck of cards.
DARK FORCES - A unique card revelation which a demon card reveals the spectator's chosen card - shades of the Brainwave Deck. DISPEN - A pen is placed on the palm of the hand - snap - it is gone! Up your sleeve ? No, you take it out of your pocket.
EDIBLE ? - An excellent sight gag in which you appear to eat a pack of cards. "Taint all magic but worthy of further exploration. GUILLO - Ideas for a routine using a finger chopper.
power of concentration. An effect of Mind Over Matter.
QUICK SLICK - In this routine two sets of four cards switch positions without any suspicion. A take-off on a Karl Fulves routine, highly refined. RED EXCHANGE - A Phil Golidstein effect casing two Aces to transpose followed by the backs transposing and ending with a clever play-on-words finish.
SPLIT - A coins-across type of routine in which a coin cut in half plays an integral part and ends up being welded together as presented by Stephen Tucker. SPOONERISM A presentation in which two spoons bend, twist or break when bombarded by the performer's mind.
SYNTHETIC SPELL - One card is thought of by a spectator. After some shuffling, the deck is taken by the spectator who then spells the name oh his thought-of card by putting as card down for each letter and finds his card at the last letter. THE REPEAT HOTEL MYSTERY - A great patter card effect that deals with the goings-on in a hotel and a surprise ending.
SLIP-UP - This sleight is devised by Keith Davis. Itís a way of turning over a card in the deck with suggestions as to how to use it. THE SMITH SHIFT - This sleight enables you to exchange four known cards for four unknown cards by simply pushing them into the deck. VERY USEFUL.
'TIDY' - A unique vanish of a coin which appears to be cleanly placed into the folds of your tie and vanished as you would if it were a handkerchief. TILT TO COUNTDOWN - A novel card routine using the Marlo TILT and CLIPPED BOTTOM DEAL.
VELLEDA VARIATIONS - A number of ideas as to how this new office product may be used in the manner of "It's A Pip" liquid to achieve different effects without fuss or bother. VALLEDA VARIATIONS - More ideas for using the Valleda principle, including a means of forcing a number on a spectator who selects one of the numbered plastic discs in a bag.
WHATíS UP DECK - What the spectator sees is that four Aces are placed into the deck, appearing instantly on top of the deck and flashed to him as a fan. MANY MORE TRICKS TOO NUMEROUS TO DETAIL
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