PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT BE CONFUSED. The Cardiste (2006) is NOT the 11 out of 12 issues of the original Cardiste magazine as offered in e-book form on the Internet. This is a new expanded book containing the original 11 issues as published by Rusduck, his 12th issue published posthumously, the 13th issue of 30 pages added and published by Gene Shelley and two additional items to show the value and use of stacked decks. The copyrights to the entire Gene Shelley edition, who had legal rights from Rusduck's widow, were purchased by Abraxas Publications (Micky Hades) and they reserve all rights to this work.

(ISBN # 0-9688231-3-0). Read the details below.

The Cardiste

by J. Russell Duck

You may have the original magazine but not the complete book with all sequential issues and additions, fully paginated and indexed.

7"x 8½" - bound with ring coil spine

240 pages of completely edited text

90 effects and routines fully indexed

This work shows Rusduck’s step-by-step development of Stacked decks, Faro shuff- les, Gambling set-ups and Mathematical formulas shown in "easy-to-follow" table format.

You will find some reputable names in this work and learn how "The Cardiste" grew out of a single concept (attributed to Annemann) into an important work sought by cardistes around the world.

Abraxas Publication acquired the rights to this material and printed a completely edited edition with a fresh lay-out. The card set-ups are all in table form, making it easy to prepare your stacked decks. A "Bonus" section is included.

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