Designed by Wilcox

All you do is place your doves on the perch as you produce them (up to five doves) where they remain visible to the audience. Upon issuing your command the doves begin to fade away until they are completely gone. A perfect ending to a dove act.

The ingenious fade-away effect is self-working, depending on simply throwing a switch at the rear of the box. The interior of the box contains the fade-away arrangement. powered by a plug-in off stage

Item # MU-06-03

These are the specs:

* 18"x14"x14" (3" removable legs)

* Requires 110 volt current

* Upholstered in Naugahyde leather

* Finished with gold accessories

* Rugged, durable, easy to keep clean

* Can also "materialize" doves in cage

* Easy to set up and break down

* Dependable
$580.00 U.S. post-paid. To order click